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Ileana makes all the difference

Since September 2020, I have been taking stretching lessons 2 to 3 times a week with Ileana. It’s simple, and it’s pure happiness! Ileana makes all the difference because she is very present. You can feel her energy so well, even virtually. She is very kind, very generous with her time and listens to everyone. His classes incorporate stretching notions completed with Tai-chi and Yoga movements. It is a lovely balance!


A quick note to let you know how much I have enjoyed taking your Essentrics classes for many years!

Thanks to you, I feel the benefits of the course more and more and even as I get older, I am still relatively flexible and supple, and I do not have back problems or joints like many other women my age! Your enthusiasm and positivism are easily transmitted to all your students even through the internet and give us a good example that I particularly appreciate. Despite the restrictions of the pandemic, I feel encouraged and motivated by your course! I hope I can stay in your classes for a long time to come and keep moving for years to come!


Je souhaite faire partie de sa classe encore longtemps

Je suis une élève d’Ileana Ripas depuis de nombreuses années et j’ai eu la très grande chance de faire partie de ses classes en présentiel (et en virtuel depuis bientôt deux ans) et d’apprendre la méthode Essentrics. Ileana est une entraîneuse unique. Positive, calme et généreuse, elle a une grande connaissance du corps humain et prends le temps de nous connaître pour mieux nous accompagner et éviter les blessures. Beaucoup d’explications sont données durant le cours tant au niveau de la posture, des mouvements, de la respiration et de la connexion avec soi, ce qui a eu un effet très bénéfique notamment sur ma posture dans la vie de tous les jours. Je souhaite faire partie de sa classe encore longtemps.

Caroline Valade

Ileana’s Essentrics class is pure magic

Ileana’s Essentrics class is pure magic! I feel so relaxed and full of positive energy after one hour with her. Combining dynamic stretching with toning and yoga really helped my overall posture and muscle definition especially now as we are all working from home more. Ileana has a special way of connecting with her class as she radiates warmth and optimism and this makes the hour even more enjoyable. I highly recommend the class!


Feeling good

I have been exercising with Ileana for more than ten years now . For me it’s more than just exercising . Ileana is very friendly and caring . Every time she tries to introduce something new to reach the goal of , first making you feel good and second to work on the right parts of your body . Making sure you handle yourself well in every move.
It has been a great journey with her and I encourage everyone to give it a try . If. Or for the body for your soul .
Thank you Ileana for all your encouragement and positive vibes .

Soraida Kaidbey

Here I am

Ileana, Your Fitness Trainer

“True meditation is about being fully present with everything that is including discomfort and challenges. It is not an escape from life.”
Craig Hamilton
spiritual trailblazer
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