What are the benefits of doing Essentrics more than once a week?

According to sports science, you can strengthen your muscles in one of two ways: eccentrically or concentrically. 

  • Concentric exercises strengthen the muscle by shortening it;
  • Eccentric exercise strengthens the muscle by lengthening it.

Most other fitness programs focus on concentric strengthening. 

There is no doubt about the benefits of doing Essentrics more than once a week. Essentrics is a dynamic, full-body workout that combines stretching and strengthening while engaging all your muscles. Designed to help you eliminate pain, regain or improve mobility, and gently enhance your whole body.

The movements in Essentrics, which requires no equipment, is designed to rebalance your body to help even out the muscle imbalances that can lead to pain and injury. The more you do Essentrics, the more quickly that rebalancing effect will work for you!

I recommend exercising at least two times per week.

You are just starting, and you are not flexible enough! Is Essentrics right for you?

Essentrics will help you to regain lost flexibility and will also help you maximize your flexibility potential! 

Essentrics is low-impact and safe for everyone. However, I am considering your fitness level and advise each of you about how to do the exercises to keep you safe and motivated. 

It is important to listen to your body and move within the range of motion and comfort. If any movement becomes painful or uncomfortable, you need to back off and approach it more gently.

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